A life of adventure

image René Madec, born in Quimper in 1736 had a most extraordinary existence! At the age of 11, he embarked as a moss on a ship bound for Santo Domingo after a stopover in Senegal. At 13, he joined the East India Company bound for Pondicherry. 

After a few adventures due to his strong character, he prefers to abandon the Royal Navy and joins the land forces who clash with the British army in defense of colonial counters in India.

There he will live twenty - five tumultuous years and will finally enter the service of the princes and rajahs of Northern India, at the head of their private armies. The Grand Mogul Shah Alam II will give him the title of Nabob, reserved for the highest dignitaries of the court of the sultans. He will become King of Dekkan, defender of the Indies for the King of France and amass then a great fortune

In 1779, the date of his return to France (after being taken prisoner along with his family, off Spain, by privateers and detained in Ireland!), He was received at the court of King Louis XVI, who He had the rank of colonel, and he also received the Croix de l 'Ordre de Saint Louis, before being knighted.

He will then buy several properties including the Prada Ras Lordship, he will destroy the existing mansion and build his last home finally quiet!