This is a beautiful Luxurious room of 35m2 with it's natural and soft tones, wood ceiling and exposed beam, is composed with a lounge and dinner space and an independant bathroom with two vask, a shower and a bathtub, towel dryer and hair dryer. It is equiped with a king size baldachin bed of 160.

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A piece of history

Begum is a title given in Hindustan to the favorite wife of the sultan or nabob and equals that of "queen". This is a way to address and an honorary title. At 28, Madec becomes a true warlord. It is an army of 1,500 fighters including a hundred Europeans. Fortune begins to smile to the young Breton who, a few months later, marries Marie-Anne Barbette, the daughter of one of Prince Shuja's advisors and makes her Begum.

The bride, a Creole, is only 13 years old. The wedding is celebrated with a lot of pomp as Madec himself wrote. "All the great men of the country accompanied me, an innumerable populace followed the procession, I closed the march between two hedges of fireworks and illuminations, dressed in a magnificent silver dress." These festivities, which will involve sumptuary spending, will last a week.

In 1767, the young Marie-Anne gives birth to a girl who dies shortly after. Then Madec joins the Jats at war against the Rajputs in the region of Agra. He reformed his troops and bought elephants. His victories will earn him a reward in hard currency, in diamonds and in gold and silver stuff. He will buy and completely restore a palace in Bharatpur where he will settle with his wife and Balthazar, his son a few months.

In 1782 Marie-Anne will give a third daughter to Madec. In 1784, considerably weakened by malaria, and victim of a fall of horse, the Nabob is carried away in the spring by the gangrene. Marie-Anne Barbette, the Begum lived in Quimper until his death in 1841.