A la carte cares


Make a facelift

Session / pers 1 H10 ... € 75

Discover the desert salts and let your skin breath by giving it purity, flexibility and light. This gentle scrub made with circular frictions, activates blood circulation and all your skin is rejuvenated and revived. The salts are applied by hand on the body , Then a smoothing with a soft crepe glove continues this treatment. After rinsing with water, your skin is nourished with a vegetable oil . (argan or sesame (optional) flavored with jasmine, tangerine, ylang-ylang, cedar, lavender, rose wood, lemony verbena).

• "Sandalwood desert salts" : this salt of Sabkha (lake desert), with its fragrance of sandalwood, makes you feel peaceful, aligned , helps you to reconnect with your corporeal envelope with confidence.

• "Orange Blossom" Desert Salt :The soothing virtues of the orange blossom as a complement to the fruity notes of this salt .

• "Damascus Rose" » Desert salt : the wonderful Damascus rose enriches the salt with its softly feminine properties

• "Arabian Sambac Jasmine" Desert salt : with this Sambac jasmine salt from the desert , provide your body with a deep cleansing combined with a subtle, refined and pleasant perfumed veil .

The reflexology

Session / pers 1H ... € 70

It is the art of stimulating specific points of the feet to remove blockages and restore harmonious energy flow. This technique helps to relieve pain, balance the nervous, blood, lymphatic and endocrine systems. This treatment brings deep relaxation of which it feels the effects for several days.