Yoga courses


A course of Kundalini Yoga

the 1:10 session from February to May pers. 70 euros per session

This ancient yoga is faithfully transmitted according to the teachings of Yogi Bahjan. Yoga comes from the word "yoke" which means gathers, unite. Yoga explores your dimensions, your depth, your nature and your potential as a human being. Kundalini Yoga is considered "original yoga" insofar as it brings in its techniques many forms of yoga. It is a dynamic yoga and highly tonic that will surprise you. Through breathing exercises (pranayama), postures (asana) dynamic or static, the vibration of sound ; it allows you to find a new breath, it activates your energy and soothes your mind. This yoga is particularly powerful in its effects and feel. In this practice the physical, psychological and spiritual are considered interdependent and worked in the consciousness of their natural connections. its Practice active circulation of vital energy called: Kundalini (by yogis) it is located at the root of the spinal column. I propose a session adapted to your current needs. In the park if the weather is clement.