Ayurvediques care



Session /pers 1H10…. 75€ / 1H30…. 95€

This Indian massage done with warm sesame oil is a journey for the senses, a jump off the time… aromatic and relaxing. . Essential oils chosen to suit your needs and tensions of the moment, (rosewood, ylang ylang, lemony eucalyptus, Atlas cedar ...) They leave exotic, warm and delicate notes for a large comfort . Abhyanga has ample and regular movements that enable you to refocus. It fights against anxiety and fatigue ; it brings a sense of perfect unity.

Ayur Balancing

Session /pers 1H10…. 75€ / 1H30…. 95€

This Indian massage done with warm sesame oil, is slow and deep. Each body part is more and more deeply massaged by three successive passages of the hand in fist, forearm and elbow. Ayur Balancing has the virtue of relieving the oldest muscular and articular tensions. It allows especially the muscles to relax and further the elimination of toxins in the body, it gives to the body a feeling of regeneration.

Amma care


Art of traditional Japanese acupressure

The session lasts 35 minutes to an hour, lying on massage table with extra large ergonomic cushions that mold to the body, decompress the lumbar region and put the cervical spine to rest for an unmatched comfort.

  • 1 hour on massage table 75 euros
  • 35 minutes on massage table 40 euros

The Amma, from traditional Chinese medicine was born in Japan 1300 years ago. It is the origin of shiatsu.

Amma means "calm through touch." The session consist in stimulating - through clothes - points on the acupuncture meridians with a very specific sequence of pressures, stretches, vibrations and percussions very pleasant to receive (kata).

Complete care from head to toe !

A rare technique that combines fast pace and rocking movement of the body to achieve a deep state of relaxation, inner well-being and stimulating effects.

After the session you are “zen”, your face is rested and after a few minutes you feel a renewal of energy ...

Amma, more than well-being, health control !

While making appointments I make sure that there is no contraindication.

Shiatsu care


An art Welfare

The session lasts half an hour to an hour lying on a futon and dressed lightly.

  • 1 hour 75 euros on futon
  • 1/2 hour on futons 40 euros

Shiatsu is a healing technique that uses various forms of finger pressure on the body to improve and maintain your health.

It appeals for the natural abilities of body self-regulation. Siatsu acts through the reflex of the nervous, circulatory, digestive ... which promotes the elimination of waste.

Shiatsu has been recognized by the European Parliament in 1997 as one of the eight non-conventional medicines are most effective. This is a treatment that consists of energy manual pressure performed on acupuncture points in order harmonize energy and activate the immune system.

It is a wellness care and prevention of diseases. It is suitable for the whole family. The effects of Shiatsu are multiple: it acts on the blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes spinal realignment, increases joint mobility and muscle flexibility, facilitates better pulmonary ventilation.
Shiatsu brings vitality and growth.

Its anti-stress enable deep relaxation, a let go and sleep quality, which induce a tension relief allowing a better adaptability to situations of everyday life ...

By its action on breathing, balance, stability and flexibility, efficient protocol can find the fullness of his body.
It promotes concentration and helps in the preparation of important dates such qu'examens, contests, competitions ...
Executed very gently and at your own pace, Shiatsu promotes the mobility of your body, relaxation and inner peace.

A la carte cares


Make a facelift

Session / pers 1 H10 ... € 75

Discover the desert salts and let your skin breath by giving it purity, flexibility and light. This gentle scrub made with circular frictions, activates blood circulation and all your skin is rejuvenated and revived. The salts are applied by hand on the body , Then a smoothing with a soft crepe glove continues this treatment. After rinsing with water, your skin is nourished with a vegetable oil . (argan or sesame (optional) flavored with jasmine, tangerine, ylang-ylang, cedar, lavender, rose wood, lemony verbena).

• "Sandalwood desert salts" : this salt of Sabkha (lake desert), with its fragrance of sandalwood, makes you feel peaceful, aligned , helps you to reconnect with your corporeal envelope with confidence.

• "Orange Blossom" Desert Salt :The soothing virtues of the orange blossom as a complement to the fruity notes of this salt .

• "Damascus Rose" » Desert salt : the wonderful Damascus rose enriches the salt with its softly feminine properties

• "Arabian Sambac Jasmine" Desert salt : with this Sambac jasmine salt from the desert , provide your body with a deep cleansing combined with a subtle, refined and pleasant perfumed veil .

The reflexology

Session / pers 1H ... € 70

It is the art of stimulating specific points of the feet to remove blockages and restore harmonious energy flow. This technique helps to relieve pain, balance the nervous, blood, lymphatic and endocrine systems. This treatment brings deep relaxation of which it feels the effects for several days.

Yoga courses


A course of Kundalini Yoga

the 1:10 session from February to May pers. 70 euros per session

This ancient yoga is faithfully transmitted according to the teachings of Yogi Bahjan. Yoga comes from the word "yoke" which means gathers, unite. Yoga explores your dimensions, your depth, your nature and your potential as a human being. Kundalini Yoga is considered "original yoga" insofar as it brings in its techniques many forms of yoga. It is a dynamic yoga and highly tonic that will surprise you. Through breathing exercises (pranayama), postures (asana) dynamic or static, the vibration of sound ; it allows you to find a new breath, it activates your energy and soothes your mind. This yoga is particularly powerful in its effects and feel. In this practice the physical, psychological and spiritual are considered interdependent and worked in the consciousness of their natural connections. its Practice active circulation of vital energy called: Kundalini (by yogis) it is located at the root of the spinal column. I propose a session adapted to your current needs. In the park if the weather is clement.

Website: http://www.yoga-bretagne.com

The practitioners

pascale herve

Pascale Hervé

Pascale Hervé received lessons in shiatsu, from Michel Odoul , at the French Institute of Shiatsu, and practiced shiatsu in ground spa and private practice since 2004.

Then captivated by Ayurvedic medicine, Indian medicine known as the oldest in the world, she returned to the source in India for training of two Ayurvedic massagesproposed at the Manoir des Indes: Abhyanga and Ayur Balancing. Training from Dr. AD Rowandale and Chetan Baghel, school: Rasovai. (Website www.rasovai.com)

Also deeply touched by yoga and its benefits, she felt the need to perfect the Kundalini Yoga technique for few years to become a teacher. This yoga of breath and energy is a wonderful discipline and perfect for a healthy lifestyle.

Association website ASANA: Kundalini Yoga Classes in Britain: http://www.yoga-bretagne.com

touch is ...

Welcome a person , in a privileged area , in the simplicity, openness of heart, and confidence.

This is to allow the fluidity and mastery of gesture guiding hands in respect and listen to the rhythm of each.

This is the opportunity of a return to a gentle and peaceful oneself in order to harmonize the inner encounter.

It Is releasing its tension in a sigh to be reborn to other possibilities.

Jean Marie Boivin

Jean-Marie Boivin gives you the assurance of an experienced professional, attentive to the feelings of his patient.
His practice of Aikido and his passion for Japanese philosophy led him to become interested in Shiatsu practiced and appreciated in some dojos.

His experience will envelop you in an area of softness and serenity, allowing you to appreciate the efficiency of his technique.

To ensure his patients a high level of service, he keeps exchanging regularly and studying in trainings and seminars in France and Japan.

Michel Le Poupon

Michel Le Poupon is professional Amma practitioner and dedicated to your well-being.

After a degree in psychology and professional path as an executive, he has specialized in the practice of lying AMMA for individuals and sitting Amma on an ergonomic chair for companies and events.

He is certified by Tony Neuman, first to introduce the Amma in Europe and he is a member of the French Federation of seated massage.

He is also, empowered to work with physiotherapists in the program MTON companies, national program for prevention of back pain, musculoskeletal disorders and stress.

He comes in many companies with sitting Amma which allows employees to decompress during a break and increases work efficiency.

For the success of your event, he offers a benefit welfare sat-down Amma with a team of professional practitioners to provide original moment and popular well-being to your customers or your employees.

His website: www.bienetreetperformance.com