This luxurious room of 35m2, with it's natural and soft tones, wood ceiling and exposed beam, is composed with an independant bathroomwith one vask, a shower, towel dryer and hair dryer. It is equiped with a king size bed of 160 and a living room (two separates room). This room and the living room have their own terrace and access to the garden.


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A piece of history

The expedition then leaves the bay (late July 1786), along the California coast and stops at Monterey (south of San Francisco) where Lapérouse has a mass, by the Spanish Mission, for missing sailors.

It takes 80 days to reach the Mariana Islands and another 15 days to reach Macao. He will not see anything on his way except Island Necker, a simple rock for seabirds, and the French fregate shoal a little further. A serious accident is narrowly avoided on an atoll of the Hawaiian chain. The northernmost Marianne Island will provide only a few coconuts.

Then it is China and the Portuguese colony of Macao where he recognizes the governor met in Goa. He also has the joy of meeting a French military ship belonging to the fleet stationed in India but which unfortunately does not bring him mail. Entrecasteaux himself is not far off, preparing to enter the Canton River in delicate administrative circumstances. The sale of furs to the Chinese is more difficult and less profitable than expected; after the purchase of Chinese porcelain. Lapérouse leaves disappointed by a despotic country where Europeans are poorly received. He is heading to Manila where he wants to rehabilitate his ships in the Spanish arsenals.



This is a beautiful Luxurious room of 35m2 with it's natural and soft tones, wood ceiling and exposed beam, is composed with a lounge and dinner space and an independant bathroom with two vask, a shower and a bathtub, towel dryer and hair dryer. It is equiped with a king size baldachin bed of 160.

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A piece of history

Begum is a title given in Hindustan to the favorite wife of the sultan or nabob and equals that of "queen". This is a way to address and an honorary title. At 28, Madec becomes a true warlord. It is an army of 1,500 fighters including a hundred Europeans. Fortune begins to smile to the young Breton who, a few months later, marries Marie-Anne Barbette, the daughter of one of Prince Shuja's advisors and makes her Begum.

The bride, a Creole, is only 13 years old. The wedding is celebrated with a lot of pomp as Madec himself wrote. "All the great men of the country accompanied me, an innumerable populace followed the procession, I closed the march between two hedges of fireworks and illuminations, dressed in a magnificent silver dress." These festivities, which will involve sumptuary spending, will last a week.

In 1767, the young Marie-Anne gives birth to a girl who dies shortly after. Then Madec joins the Jats at war against the Rajputs in the region of Agra. He reformed his troops and bought elephants. His victories will earn him a reward in hard currency, in diamonds and in gold and silver stuff. He will buy and completely restore a palace in Bharatpur where he will settle with his wife and Balthazar, his son a few months.

In 1782 Marie-Anne will give a third daughter to Madec. In 1784, considerably weakened by malaria, and victim of a fall of horse, the Nabob is carried away in the spring by the gangrene. Marie-Anne Barbette, the Begum lived in Quimper until his death in 1841.

Le Repaire du Nabab


Welcome in the den of "le repaire du Nabab" This luxurious room with high wood ceiling is very charming. It is composed with a lounge and dinner space and an independant bathroom with two vask, a bathtub, towel dryer and hair dryer. It is equiped with a king size bed of 160. The room is on the last floor, not accessible by elevator.

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A piece of history

The first travel

René Madec was born in 1736, eights child of François Madec, school teacher and of Corentine Manon Melin, hostel landlady. During his childhood, he is more attracted by the Quimper’s harbor than school. His fisherman’s future is decided. At nine years old, he embarks for the first time during four months, on a wine’s coaster. After this first attempt on the sea, his father makes him take navigation’s and hydrography’s lessons. He wants his son to join the Orien’s battalion of “Compagnie des Indes”, as an officer. René Madec is only eleven years old when he sails for Saint Domingue.

Sailor and Soldier

In 1750, new start from Lorient, destination of Pondichéry. This trip impregnate him forever of India’s charm. Back in Brittany, he now has only one purpose, going back in these exotic countries. As soon as he arrived in 1952, he is joining the army of Dupleix to fight against the British troops, gone for the conquest of India territory. After main fights, peace between French and British is signed. Dupleix, repudiate, go back to France. Madec, after served as a soldier for three years, think about going home but he can’t pass along Bourbon Island where he has to sign as a sailor to merchandise in the Indian Ocean.

In 1756, war start again between belligerents; Madec goes back to Pondichéry. After serving in the merchant navy, he signs in at the naval forces. When he learns that his squadron is going to Mauritius (France Island at the time), he decide to deserte and swim to the closest mainland. He joined a new Navy battalion formed by Knight “Pouêt” where he is graded petty officer. On December 11th 1758, French troops arrive in Madras to drain the British. This operation last 45 days, it is a fail. Starts a very long adventure’s wandering through different regions. Madec find himself commanding a troop of 400 sepoys. In 1760, Lally Tollendal put himself in a delicate situation and ask help to Madec. He wants to attack Madras but the French army have to lock themselves in Gingy tower and capitulates 5 months later. Madec is made a prisoner by the British and lock up at Madras Fort.

Madec wants to get out of jail and avoid starving to death in there. So he agrees, like hundreds of French prisoners, to sign in with the opponents troops. He is sent to Calcutta where he stays for a year. He takes this time to study the local dialects, customs and politics of the country. After participate to the rout of Nabad of Bengale’s army (Kassem Ali Khan) for the British, he takes the lead of a mutiny who win against Nabab, near Bénarès, where are also present Grand Moghold Shah Alam II and Vizier Sudjah Dowlah. It’s the beginning of Madec’s carrier as a war chief, influent advisor and fortune.


In 1764, he is leading a private army, about 1500 men, who are serving the Rajas and then the Grand Moghol himself. In the same time, he starts to build a colossal fortune. Beginning of 1766, he marries the Prince Sujha’s advisor’s daughter, Marie-Anne Barbette, 13 years old. Her family has a French origin. The wedding and the festivities are extremely ostentatious and expensive.

Around 1767, he supports the Jats in the conflit against Rajputs. His victories are widely reward by a lot of gold and money, which allows him to buy a palace and move in with his wife and new born son, Balthazar-René-Félix. A new victory steal his honorific title of Panchazari and his considerable fortune make him think about returning to France. But the French government in Chandernagor wish to get close to the Indian Princes in the purpose of contain the British and eventually expulse them from Bengale.

Madec goes back to war for the Empereur Moghol Shâh Âlam II, who honors him of thr Nabab title, to thank him for his military services. He imparts him too with the Bocci title, which place him at the third rank of the imperial hierarchy, right after the great vizier. His army count at the time about 6000 mens. He has become the most important and influent man of Hindustan. With his family, who counts now a daughter, Marie-Anne, he lives some times in Dehli, then Hyderabab; he finally arrives to Pondichéry in February 1778. One more time, he signs in, during the attack of the town by the British. On October 18th, it’s the capitulation; two months later, with a safe-conduct, Madec leaves India and go back to France.

Last years in Quimper

On January 11th 1779, they are leaving back to France, on the « Brisson ». After a stop on Mauritius Island, the boat arrives in Europe where they are attack close to Spain by British corsair. Made prisoners, René Madec is detained two months in Ireland. Landed in Lorient, he is going to Versailles Court where he has to give to Louis XVI the governor’s Guillaume Léonard de Bellecombe report, about the Pondichéry attack. They inform him that since two years, on January 1777, he has the rank of colonel. He is then ennobling by the king.

René Madec goes back to Quimper with his fortune and settles in a hotel, the street where he stayed wear his name now. He buys two lands, Coatfao in Pluguffan and Prat an Raz in Penhars, where he build the castle. In 1782, his second daughter is born, Marie-Henriette. He will die in 1784 after falling from his horse. His spouse will die in 1841.

The artist Bartabas was inspired by René Madec’s life for his equestrian show in Galantes India in 2005 in Versailles.