This luxurious room of 35m2, with it's natural and soft tones, wood ceiling and exposed beam, is composed with an independant bathroomwith one vask, a shower, towel dryer and hair dryer. It is equiped with a king size bed of 160 and a living room (two separates room). This room and the living room have their own terrace and access to the garden.


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A piece of history

The expedition then leaves the bay (late July 1786), along the California coast and stops at Monterey (south of San Francisco) where Lapérouse has a mass, by the Spanish Mission, for missing sailors.

It takes 80 days to reach the Mariana Islands and another 15 days to reach Macao. He will not see anything on his way except Island Necker, a simple rock for seabirds, and the French fregate shoal a little further. A serious accident is narrowly avoided on an atoll of the Hawaiian chain. The northernmost Marianne Island will provide only a few coconuts.

Then it is China and the Portuguese colony of Macao where he recognizes the governor met in Goa. He also has the joy of meeting a French military ship belonging to the fleet stationed in India but which unfortunately does not bring him mail. Entrecasteaux himself is not far off, preparing to enter the Canton River in delicate administrative circumstances. The sale of furs to the Chinese is more difficult and less profitable than expected; after the purchase of Chinese porcelain. Lapérouse leaves disappointed by a despotic country where Europeans are poorly received. He is heading to Manila where he wants to rehabilitate his ships in the Spanish arsenals.