This Junior Suite room of 45m2 (2 to 5 persons), with it's natural and soft tones, wood ceiling and exposed beam, is composed with a lounge and dinner space and an independant bathroom with two vask, a shower and a bathtub, towel dryer and hair dryer. It is equiped with a king size bed of 160. You will have also have your own private terrace and access to the garden.

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A piece of history

Born at “château de Guo”, near Albi (France) on August 22sd 1741. Died at Île de Vanikoro” (Salomon Island) in 1788.

Jean-François, Comte of La Pérouse, join the marines in 1756. Vessel Chief starting 1780, he fights the British and destroys two of their military edifice in Hudson Bay. On August 1st, in 1785, he embarks as Captain on “La Boussole” frigate, followed by the “Astrolabe”, this last one being under Fleuriot’s authority. He is in charge to lead the expedition around the world and leave from Brest harbour. He first goes on the “Île de Pâques” then go along North America, Alaska, before reaching Hawaii, Philippines, and Japan. He gives his name to a strait, between Hokkaido Island and Sekhaline. In the Pacific, Samoa, he loses few mens, kills by natives. He sent his last mail from Australia in 1788. His tracks will only be find in 1826 by Captain Dillon, near Vanikoro Island.