Understanding the eco-label

A stay and services respectful of nature

This question raises the issue of the role we all play in this research, which has become unavoidable, of the daily protection of our environment. Evidence that sustainable development is now everyone's business.

Simple answers to improve our ecological footprint.


Waste reduction

Hygiene products are no longer presented in unit packaging. We prefer a soap dispenser for shampoo or shower. We have removed all disposables and individual overpacks to retain large pack sizes, reducing packaging to a minimum. Thus, we do not offer plastic cups in the rooms, but only in glass.

The conditioning of the breakfast privileges products without packing, such as the sugar in pieces or powder for example, as well as the absence of individual packing.

Energy management

Our wood boiler divides CO2 emissions by 12 versus oil and by 6 over gas. Used high energy density chips make it a modern fuel. Did you know that a 1 kg of pellets produces 5 kWh of heating?

Our hotel has a central lamp extinguishing system when the key is turned off at your & nbsp; exit from the room.

The Manoir des Indes is fully equipped with energy saving light bulbs .

Water saving

The change of towels is done according to your wishes, if you place your towels on the floor, before the passage of the maids. This allows a reasoned cleaning, and a reduction in the consumption of detergents and water.

The flow of tap water is controlled & nbsp; thanks to the use of mixer faucets allowing to consume 2 times less water.


The weeding is carried out without any phytosanitary product, with absence of pesticides or toxic products for the maintenance of green spaces.

The commitment of the Manoir des Indes

The European eco-label distinguishes more environmentally friendly products and services. Its criteria guarantee the aptitude for the use of the products and a reduction of their environmental impacts

throughout their & nbsp; life cycle.

By affixing the European eco-label, the Manoir des Indes shows the following commitments:

  • low energy consumption
  • low water consumption
  • low waste production
  • use of renewable energy sources and less harmful substances for the environment
  • environmental awareness of our customers

We meet the strict criteria described in the terms of reference common to all the countries of the European Union.