An ecological approach

image The materials used for the construction of the hotel were chosen with a view to respect and protection of the environment. Raw materials, natural whose intrinsic beauty participates fully in the beauty and serenity of the decor. 

Apart from the teak furniture (made from old wood) that comes from Indonesia, most of the materials used come from the Breton terroir. The stone first. The walls are granite. & Nbsp; And wood. The frames are in Breton oak. To bind the stones, no cement, the mortars are low-lime, like the interior coatings. On the ground terracotta or parquet floors.

Healthy materials and preservation of resources

For insulation, the floors are on clay balls, Fermacell partitions (gypsum board and cellulose fibers). For the heating of the hotel and the swimming pool, we chose a wood boiler. And on the other hand a water reciclage system has also been installed.