A very special hotel

imageIn each of the fourteen rooms of the hotel we wanted to recreate an atmosphere inspired by the East Indies in memory of René Madec and the explorers sailors of the eighteenth century who went to discover these distant horizons. Here Brittany meets the exoticism of the Orient: oak and teak, linen and evening ...

Along a corridor opening onto a bright patio, the rooms follow one another like the pages of a travelogue. Each one has a name that makes others dream far away. An invitation to exoticism and discovery in the footsteps of great explorers: Bougainville, Kerguelen, La Perouse, Dupleix ... An invitation to surrender to the lasciviousness and sweets of the Orient: Siam, Samoa, La Begum, Les grands Moghols, Le repair du Nabab ... All designed in the same spirit, the rooms each have a different personality.

Furniture chosen with care

Most of the furniture comes from Indonesia, preferred to India for the sobriety of its ornamental decorations. Some beautiful old pieces, such as a replica of an Indonesian emperor's bed that furnishes the La Perouse suite, rub shoulders with recent furniture with clean lines and especially made for the hotel from old teak or salvage. In the bedrooms, the wood tones of the bed, bedside tables, armchairs, lighting, fabrics harmonize around a dominant warm color: red, ocher, sand ... All gives an impression of conviviality and change of scenery!